K-Way Rain Jacket

Tom’s going on vacation.

His bags are packed.

There’s just one problem.

It’s rainy in London, and he needs the mother of all raincoats.

And, well, there’s another problem.

The mother of all raincoats won’t fit in his little old suitcase.

Tom need something lightweight, but powerful.

Something that’s cozy, but doesn’t look like his grandma would wear it.

Well, the good news for Tom is that Huckberry’s got the waterproof raincoat he needs.

Tom found the Claude 3.0 rainproof jacket, and knows that he’s safe from every cat and dog that will rain down on him.

It’s made of waterproof, breathable nylon rip-stop.

Just the way Tom likes it.

It’s got two pockets – one for his smartphone and one for his freezing cold hand.

When he tells the rain to go away and come back another day, but it doesn’t, Tom likes the raincoats K-Way branded zipper pull, drawstring stoppers and pouch.

Luckily, they had it in his exact size too.

It fits like a glove.

Don’t let the rain, well, rain on your vacation parade.

Everyone deserves a proper addition to their “field kit” that looks good…and works like a charm.

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