Falcon Enamelware Tumbler

Steel + Porcelain. A perfect match don’t you think?

Especially when baked into a tumbler by British enamelware brand, Falcon.

A timeless vessel that’s been working hard in British homes since the 1920’s.

It’s 310ml of character.

One you may chip, but you’ll never break.

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Selected for you by: Branden


– Good for hot drinks, cold drinks, or stiff drinks
– Handy in the kitchen or bathroom, though equally comfortable camping
– Sold individually
– Available in white, ivory, red and grey
– Stackable
– Dishwasher, oven and freezer safe.


Materials: Enamelware

Origin: United Kingdom

Measurements: 3.5″ High


– Remove stains with lemon juice
– Avoid abrasive sponges or brushes as this may scratch the surface. Coating your pans in a light layer of oil before cooking can help with cleaning after use.
– Do not leave in standing water
– Dry promptly
– Not intended for microwave use
– Dishwasher / Stove-top / Oven-safe

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