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It was in the 1990s when former Navy Seal commander and now Fitness Anywhere CEO Randy Hetric developed the TRX Suspension Training System. While deployed abroad in the Navy Seals without a regular gym, Hetric had his team maintain their healthy physique by working out with the use of the first suspension trainers he made from improvised parachute materials. “Deployed units seldom have access to quality gym equipment, yet it’s imperative to operational readiness and survival that they maintain a very high level of physical conditioning. My guys needed something we could use in the tight quarters of a submarine, a safe-house or in remote operating base environments—literally anywhere. That’s how the TRX Suspension Trainer came about.” – Randy Hetric, CEO, Fitness Anywhere Hetric, who is also a Stanford MBA graduate, started selling the suspension trainer in 2005 and further developed it until it became a complete body training system called the TRX Suspension Training System.  

What is Suspension Training?

Suspension training is a type of exercise that uses a simple gear composed of straps and handles called a suspension trainer. Trainees fasten the suspension trainer on a sturdy pole, tree branch or other anchoring solution, and use their own body weight to perform hundreds of exercises for each body part such as chest presses, lunges, crunches, one-legged squats and push-ups.

How does TRX work?

The TRX Suspension Training System developed by Fitness Anywhere allows you to perform over 300 TRX exercises by using your own body weight.
Unlike other approaches to fitness training, the TRX allows you to integrate exercises that use the three planes of motion:
  • sagittal plane (forward and back movement);
  • frontal plane (side to side movement); and
  • transverse plane (rotating movement)
This means that all your muscles are being worked out simultaneously when you use the TRX, developing your strength, core, muscular endurance, flexibility, stability and your overall physical well-being. The TRX Suspension Trainers weigh less than 2lbs; perfect for people who are always on the go and have always wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle. Set-up takes only seconds. You can do TRX exercises in the comforts of your own home, at the gym or even at work. TRX Suspension Trainers attach easily to doors, beams, fences or even car racks. The TRX Suspension Training System is the perfect training and exercise equipment for everyone! No matter what your age, what you are training for or where you are, the TRX Suspension will suit all your needs because it is portable, versatile and durable. Live healthy & stay fit anytime, anywhere! The TRX Suspension Training System developed by Fitness Anywhere is the best solution to your fitness dilemmas.


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