Look At Book

One sketchbook was sent in random order between four artists for thirty-six weeks. By the time it was completed, the book had travelled over sixty thousand miles. Now, you can buy a limited edition hardcover reproduction of this book artistic genius. $93 signed, $55 unsigned LookAtBook

Radio Paradise

This is an Internet radio station that’ll bring blood to your cheeks! Radio Paradise – “eclectic rock” and a boat load of other varieties including pop, jazz, electronic and world music. Oh yeh, and it’s commerical free. Radio Paradise

Artine Repair Pant

Slim cut and sexy, this khaki will look good at work and the tab-front with skull-button closure is a nice little reminder that you havn’t sold youself out. 100% brushed cotton, cement in color. No ironing required – Sweet! $42 USD Revolve Clothing